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Quotes Laura, Your Skype lessons have opened up the opportunity of a lifetime -- to have our daughter study under such an incredibly talented composer/musician and teacher! And it was so simple to set up and get started. I've always had great respect and admiration for your talent as a musician and composer. Now that we've bridged the 3,000 miles that separate us from your studio, I am equally in awe of your talent as a teacher. You quickly picked up on Lindsay's strengths and weaknesses, as well as her personality, and tailored the lesson and style to match her perfectly. She absolutely loves the lessons and her time with you--you've inspired her:-) Thank you for opening your studio to the world! Quotes
Todd Serres
Father of a current student Skype Student

Quotes When Laura informed me she was getting ready to teach live online lessons - I immediately signed up. How could I not? Here was an opportunity for me to study under a Pianist/Composer/Teacher whose music has inspired me ever since I first heard her YouTube video "Wings" back in 2011. I am an adult student from New Zealand and have experienced the passion, energy, impeccable knowledge, motivation, humour, and professionalism that Laura brings to her lessons. And it is contagious ... I can feel all of these things even though we are each sitting in front of our own pianos on opposite sides of the world. Distance just isn't a factor anymore when choosing a Teacher, and what I have also found to be of great benefit is that you're having a lesson in your home at your own piano! Laura also helps make you feel confident and good about your learning and always willing to answer any questions. Thank you Laura. I'll always be grateful :-) Quotes
Claire Hjorring
Live Online Lessons - from Oregon to New Zealand,

Quotes Hi Laura. Alli started taking lessons from you in 2008, and Natalie 2 years later, and they both adore you. One of the things all three of us like the most about your lessons is the way you customize for each student. We love the way you carefully listen to them, and always give them a choice in what they play. Corrections only come after a message of what they are doing right. Both girls have significantly improved in the way they play, as well as enjoying what they play. We always look forward to seeing you each week, sharing stories and lots of laughs. -Leann MacMillan Quotes
Leann MacMillan
Mother of 2 current students

Quotes Trying to sum up what studying under Laura means to me is difficult. The number of memories that have helped me in life have gone far beyond learning an instrument. I can't remember how many years I studied at Perhaps Piano, but I think atleast 15 years. My sister and brother were also students of Laura's and I know they cherish their time with her as much as I do. Practicing something everyday, performing in front of crowds, and working with someone that truly cares about her students were just a few things that made my time at Perhaps Piano one of the most important parts of my childhood. I don't just highly recommend, I only recommend Perhaps Piano when someone is looking for a piano teacher. Thank you Laura for all that you and your mother have given my family over the years. Quotes
Phil Evans
Former Student of 15 years

Quotes My girls are growing leaps and bounds not only with piano but in school also. Laura is an excellent teacher and a great role model for the girls. She does an amazing job adapting to kids and giving them some creative freedom while also keeping them focused on tasks. now if i can just get my five year old to do her homework and practice!!! lol Great great great experience! Quotes
Troy Castoe
Father of 2 current students

Quotes When I first came to you, I had been playing for eight years already. I didn't know how to sight read, and my theory skills were definatley lower than they should've been. By using various tecniques, you helped me build those skills back up to where they should be. As well as keeping me challenged. I am now twice as good as I was before, and i've only been with you for about three years. You've made sure I always have enough work to do, without overloading me. You pay attention to the details, making sure everything is what it's supposed to be. You taught me not only how to play, but how to practice. Thank you for being my teacher, and my friend. Quotes
Lauren Huttula
Current Student

Quotes My family and I were fortunate enough to learn from Laura at Perhaps Piano when we lived in Oregon City. She taught the entire family and we all grew by leaps and bounds. She was able to seamlessly move from a lesson with our preschooler, switch gears, and adapt her teaching for the mother of the clan. Our children loved the performances and "piano parties". Our teenage son was furious with us for moving across the country because he didn't want to leave Perhaps Piano behind. Our children grew from what they learned and continued to study music and the arts throughout their education. We cannot recommend Perhaps Piano highly enough! The Hill family: Barry, Peggy, Jayce, Ariel, and Joey D. Quotes
Peggy Hill
Former students, family of 4, moved from Oregon to Florida

Quotes Kinda funny; I have been practicing piano as a second (or third if you count voice) instrument, mainly because of a kind statement you made a long time ago in a post-'have you ever studied Music theory'-when responding to a angst ridden post I made of my not so good recordings. Since then I have been immersed in the world of public library, and have learned just how much I was unaware of (lots). My music is much more satisifying, abeit still in progress, due to such kindly worded advise. I am still not in a situation where I can afford true instuction, but I would reccomend that if a person can afford and is able to, get Instruction (from Laura McMillan, if in Portalnd area) save yourself the time and wasted effort of struggling on ones own! Quotes
James Duthsah Martenet
Facebook fan and friend

Quotes When I first started with you in third grade I thought my five years with other teachers had made me the best little eight-year-old pianist around. I can still remember you finding the numerous holes in my musical knowledge and putting me right back at the beginning. At first I hated starting from square one again, but you let me learn at my own pace; skipping over things I already knew, and stopping to make sure I understood the things I didn't. I couldn't sight read to save my life, and now I'm reading David Lanz like it's nothing. I was very mechanical when I played at first, but now I can bring a tear to your eye with a simple Chopin prelude. You kept me challenged through every stage, and made sure I never had to play music that I didn't want to play. You made piano fun again, to the point that I wasn't practicing anymore, I was just playing. You've helped sculpt me into the wonderful musician that I am today, and I am so glad that I found you in the sea of other piano teachers. Quotes
Logan Miller
Current Student of 8 years

Quotes I have nothing but high praise for the years you taught my daughter, Lindsey. You always encouraged her and helped her strive far more than she would have on her own. You helped her to reach those goals and develop a love of music that continues today. My only regret today is that we don't live in Oregon anymore. I have another daughter and a grand-daughter that would flourish under your expert and caring direction. You would get a kick out of Lindsey's daughter, Julia :-) Quotes
Linda Norden
Former Student's Mom