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Artist Bio ~ Laura McMillan Solo Piano

Posted on July 31, 2019 at 11:55 PM

Portland-area musician Laura McMillan manages to say a lot “Without Words.” Listening to her music makes us all want to "Linger Longer". Her recordings meld a deep grounding in the classical tradition with a love of Broadway and an appreciation for the more gentle lyricism associated with the Windham Hill label.These CDs already have received rave reviews from listeners who find something to suit any mood. Some praise the music's gentle, soothing passages for the ability to capture the listener's attention without bombast. Others are captured by the up-tempo pieces that can’t help but put a little bounce in the listener’s step.All listeners are captured by the natural purity of the music and McMillan’s obvious compositional sophistication.A natural musician from a young age, McMillan started her piano career under the tutelage of well-known Marylhurst University piano teacher Sister Emerentia Berndorfner. Eight years later, she opened her piano studio, Perhaps Piano, at the age of 15 and has taught piano ever since.When it came time for college, McMillan naturally focused on the piano. She attended the University of Illinios at Champaign/Urbana where she studied with nationally known Beethoven expert, teacher and performer Dr. Kenneth Drake.McMillan graduated with professional degrees in performance, composition, and pedagogy. Since then, McMillan has performed professionally while carving a reputation as one of the Portland-area’s top teachers. Her students have received fourteen full-ride scholarships to music schools, including one student accepted into the renowned San Francisco Conservatory and another, accepted into the New England Conservatory. In addition to her thriving piano studio, Perhaps Piano, as well as teaching internationally online via Skype, now, McMillan is putting the focus back on her performing and composing career with stellar results. Listen to “Without Words” and "Linger Longer" and you’ll understand why they have taken up permanent residence in so many local CD players. "Linger Longer" is a top 40 album on Zone Music Reporter international charts. Laura's music is aired on radio stations worldwide, including Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Sirius XM. “Without Words”, "Linger Longer" and "Storybook Love" are available at,, To watch McMillan perform, go to YouTube channel lauramcmillanpiano.

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